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September 4, 2024

Geographical Scope

North America

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Tire Rubber in Varying Thicknesses

Functional Unit

1 m2 of Floor Covering Manufactured from Post-Consumer Recycled California Tire Rubber in Varying Thicknesses

Company Information

Acoustic Underlayment and Resilient Athletic Flooring

09 05 71, 09 65 66

U.S. Rubber Recycling Inc

Colton, California

United States of America

Contact Person

Jeff Baldassari

President & CEO

Products Covered

Quiet Sound Underlayment Standard Thicknesses:

  1. Underlayment, 2mm

  2. Underlayment, 3mm

  3. Underlayment, 5mm

  4. Underlayment, 6mm

  5. Underlayment, 9mm

  6. Underlayment, 10mm

  7. Underlayment, 12mm

Quiet Sound Underlayment Custom Thicknesses:

  1. Underlayment, 4mm

  2. Underlayment, 7mm

  3. Underlayment, 8mm

  4. Underlayment, 11mm

  5. Underlayment, 13mm

  6. Underlayment, 14mm

  7. Underlayment, 15mm

  8. Underlayment, 16mm

Survivor Sport Floor Standard Thicknesses:

  1. SportFloor, 3mm

  2. SportFloor, 6mm

  3. SportFloor, 8mm

  4. SportFloor, 9mm

  5. SportFloor, 12mm

Confetti Flooring Standard Thicknesses:

  1. Confetti, 3mm

  2. Confetti, 6mm

  3. Confetti, 8mm

  4. Confetti, 9mm

  5. Confetti, 12mm

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