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EPD Basic Foundations

You sell products, and you need one now with all the new regulations centered on EPDs. These videos are about the basics of EPDs but think about your product and needs as you go through them. EPDs are the main focus right now in green buildings and government procurement. Learn the basics of EPDs, so you know the questions to ask. Also, finding a Program Operator that can simplify the process will be essential for completing your EPD quickly.

Who is this for?

These videos were designed for manufacturers of building materials who need more information about EPDs, but don’t know where to get it. They could perform various roles at the manufacturer, from sales rep to manager to CEO, but the key is someone is asking if they have an EPD.

The videos give an overview of EPDs, so if you are new to the green building industry, you can catch up on what an EPD is, who needs it, and why they are essential.

What will you learn?

  • What EPDs basics, and why they are important.

  • The EPD Process

  • The role of EPD is LEED credits and government procurement

  • The Future of EPD

  • Why Labeling Sustainability

EPD Basic Foundations Ebook

Download the points covered in the videos to share with your team. This ebook discusses the information you need to know when considering a Type III Environmental Product Declaration for your product(s).

Click here to Download the FREE Ebook

What you need
to know to get started

EPD Basic Foundations Ebook Cover

EPD and HPD Approved Preparer

Denice Staff Profile Picture.jpg

Denice V. Staaf contributed to the sustainability efforts of LaFarge Holcim LATAM & Mexico, CEMEX Mexico, Maglin, Crossfielf, CTS Cement, ElastoChem, Panel Rey, NLMK and ArcelorMittal in internationally recognized environmental declarations, carbon footprints, sustainability, circularity, and/or hazard screening.

She is a passionate sustainable supply chain champion; she believes that sustainability can be used to create a competitive advantage.

Denice completed her masters from Harvard University focused on Environmental Management and Sustainability, where she specialized in sustainable building materials. Her focus was on the life cycle and organizational sustainability. She has a degree in both Interior Design and Humanities from Ursuline College. She is certified in Healthier Building Materials from Parsons School of Design, is a LEED Accredited Professional, and is a FitWel Ambassador.

Denice is actively involved in teaching, research and development, mentoring, and advising global corporations on reducing waste and energy and driving towards their circularity. Her expertise is sought after for teaching organizations how to achieve true sustainability.

She has over two decades of hands-on experience in sustainability in manufacturing organizations working in organizations globally. She founded the consulting firm Labeling Sustainability to help building product manufacturers understand their product and operational impacts and to communicate their efforts to their stakeholders.

Denice has proven results in helping organizations reach their zero waste and circularity goals.

Denice V. Staaf

​Environmental Storytelling That Sells

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