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EPD Program

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Labeling Sustainability is proud to announce its participation in the EPD process as a program operator under ISO 14025:2006 to conduct a Type III environmental declaration program.

Labeling Sustainability
as a
program operator for your EPD Journey

As an EPD program operator, the responsibilities of Labeling Sustainability include, but are not limited to


Preparing, maintaining, and communicating the general program instructions. A downloadable copy of the General Program Instructions by Labeling Sustainability is available below.


Publishing the names of the organizations involved as interested parties in the program development.


Ensuring that the Type III environmental declaration requirements are followed and there


Maintaining an electronic catalog of available PCR documents and declarations published within the program.


Establishing a competent and qualified PCR review panel that can follow the procedures outlined by ISO 14025:2006 for PCR review and those established by Labeling Sustainability. If you are interested in becoming a PCR review member or would like to review the documents here which outline the process, including the scope of the review, details of that review, and how the panel is constituted. An application is downloadable for PCR review panel membership consideration in the tab below.


And monitoring changes in procedures and documents related to the Type III environmental declaration programs and revising Labeling Sustainability's policies and documents as required. This monitoring activity shall include all procedures necessary to protect and safeguard the ISO standard 14025:2006, the EPD program, and, when relevant, the logo.

General program instructions

Labeling Sustainability administers product category rules (PCR) and environmental product declarations (EPDs) as a program operator under the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14025, Environmental labels and declarations — Type III environmental declarations — Principles and procedures and for building products, ISO 21930, Sustainability in building construction — Environmental declaration of building products. The General Program Instructions shall serve as the guidance for the administration and operation of Labeling Sustainability's EPD program operator program.

To learn more, download

The General Program Instructions for Type III Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) by Labeling Sustainability

Validation of a Type III EPDs

This process, as defined herein, is for the procedures performed by a verification body for validating an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) under the guidelines outlined in the ISO 14025:2006. The terminology used in this documentation follows ISO 14040, ISO 14044, ISO 14025, and ISO 21930. Consult these standards for any questions regarding the use of such terminology.

To learn more, download

Validation of a Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD): A Company and Verifier Process Summary

Protection of the Type III program logo, misuse of the standard, or Type III environmental product declarations

The logos and programs covered by this protection include the EPD verified by Labeling Sustainability and the EPD registered by the Labeling Sustainability logo. Both programs are detailed in the program instructions.

EPDs are the property of the manufacturers or organizations seeking the EPDs.

The information in the EPDs developed and published under this program shall not be quoted in whole or in part without written consent from the EPD owner. 

The Labeling Sustainability Registered EPD can only be used for the intended purpose listed in the EPD according to its governing PCR and ISO 14025.

Labeling Sustainability reserves the right to legal action against manufacturers or organizations that misuse or misrepresent any Labeling Sustainability logo associated with EPDs, either verified or registered.

Labeling Sustainability shall protect the integrity of the ISO 14025:2006 standard as it is used to create, verify, and register the EPD. If Labeling Sustainability finds any party has misused the standard in any way, Labeling Sustainability reserves the right to refuse to verify or register the compromised EPD.

Type III EPD verification or registration procedures

Procedure to safeguard the consistency of data within a program

Labeling Sustainability shall review all EPDs submitted for registration, especially by newly approved verifiers. Conducting a final review aims to safeguard the quality of information within the EPD system as registered by Labeling Sustainability. Labeling Sustainability reserves the right to refuse any EPD submitted for registration based on data quality or the overall quality of the EPD report. All EPDs registered must strictly follow ISO 14025:2006 and the applicable PCR.


Organizations wishing to verify their EPD with Labeling Sustainability must have the verifier apply if not already approved. Approved verifiers shall follow the procedure and processes outlined in "Validation of a Type III Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)," ISO 14025:2006, and the general program instructions.


EPDs conducted submit the Labeling Sustainability registration document, a copy of the EPD signed by the verifier, the final verifier report, and the $500 yearly fee. Once approved, the EPD will receive a registration number and will be posted on the website. The EPD shall be valid for a period of 5 years. A yearly fee is required to keep the EPD valid.


Labeling Sustainability does not charge an initial fee to register your EPD. Registered EPDs are posted to the website after paying a yearly fee of $500. For multiple EPDs, please get in touch with Labeling Sustainability for a custom quote. Once the EPDs are approved, the EPD owner will receive an invoice with the payment details.

The full intent of Labeling Sustainability in creating an EPD program operator program focusing exclusively on the building and construction materials Type III environmental product declarations is to develop a program that is cost-effective and accessible for all manufacturers wishing to create and publish EPDs. If any party would like to comment on the fulfillment of the directing standard, ISO 14025:2006, and how Labeling Sustainability is conducting this program, they can email their comments or concerns to A representative from our staff will respond to comments within 48 business hours.

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